Plan a Grad Bash for a Group of Rising Seniors

Planning a grad bash should realistically be conducted before a group of students enters their senior year. This will allow ample time for selecting the venue and other accommodations that the students will have access to and collecting funds from the students and their families. A travel agency can match you with some package options that correspond to the theme you and the graduation committee members have come up with.

A Grad Bash Theme

Food, recreational activities, decor, and geographical landmarks can all tie into a particular theme. For example, if you choose a grad bash theme that relates to the beach, hot dogs and hamburgers can be served to everyone. Volleyball, water activities, and carnival rides can be featured during the festivities. A grad bash package that a travel agent matches you with may contain many of the elements that you and the graduation committee have outlined. 

An agent may tell you about some packages that include spending time at an oceanside resort or that involve visiting a theme park or another venue that is located in a seaside town. If you and the committee members are focusing on a couple of themes, provide an agent with the ideas that you and the others have come up with. The agent may have several packages that are available for purchase.

Time and Money Factors

A grad bash can be held on one day or on multiple days. The celebratory trip can be enjoyed during an extended break from school. This type of bash will require you to secure overnight accommodations for all of the seniors who will be attending. Ask your travel agent for a breakdown of the costs for a particular package. If the bash will not take place until many months from when you first speak to a travel agent, you can require that the students pay a deposit, to begin with.

Afterward, the students can make recurring payments on a monthly basis. Let the students know the date when payments must be satisfied in full. If expenses are going to interfere with some of the students being able to participate in a lengthy grad bash, scale down the trip plans. A package that includes one or two nights in a hotel and a limited amount of activities may be within the cost range that many of the students and their families can afford. Factor in food, souvenirs, and transportation, when outlining how much each student's costs will be.

If you have any questions about grad bash packages, be sure to contact a local planning agency. 

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