Questions To Ask Before Renting A Kayak

Kayaking is a fun and adventurous sport that you should consider undertaking. However, you need to hire a kayak if you don't own one. Various kayaking rental services offer different kayak options, and you may not be sure which option to choose. Hence, consider asking as many questions as possible to select the right kayak rentals. Here are some questions to ask before renting a kayak.

What Kayak Design Should You Get?

Understanding the various kayak designs is essential, especially if you're new to kayaking since you may not see notable differences. For instance, if you'll be kayaking in a calm river for a short time, a recreational kayak is ideal. The kayak is wide and more stable, ensuring your safety.

However, a touring kayak is ideal for long kayaking trips. The kayaks usually contain storage space for food and kayaking gear. Also, touring kayak rentals are narrow and they navigate open water well.

If you're still confused, describe the details of your kayaking trip to your kayak rental service, and they'll give you professional counsel.

Do You Need a Solo or Tandem Kayak?

If you have a kayaking partner, a tandem kayak design is ideal. Sometimes, you may need a partner for companionship or someone to help you paddle. This creates an opportunity for bonding and makes your kayak experience more meaningful. However, if you'll be enjoying kayaking alone, solo kayak rentals are ideal.

Will You Get Kayaking Guidance After Getting a Kayak Rental?

Most kayak rental services offer training to beginners to know the fundamentals of kayaking and gain confidence. However, if you think that you're not ready to go kayaking alone, the kayak rental service may provide a kayaking guide. You can enjoy the trip more with a guide and you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

How Do You Ensure That Your Kayak Rental Is in Good Condition?

While kayak rentals are usually in good condition, you should always check that the kayak is in perfect condition. Here is a checklist of what to check:

  • The kayak sides shouldn't be damaged to ensure stability.
  • The hatches should open and close accordingly.
  • The rudder should work perfectly.

Always inspect the entire kayak to prevent problems during your kayaking trip.

Before getting kayak rentals, ask questions that will help you determine the kayak type you require, how to know that your kayak is in good condition, and whether the company will provide a guide. Additionally, ask whether you need a tandem or solo kayak. These questions will help you know the size, style, and type of kayak rental that you need. 

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