Tips For A Safe And Amazing Snorkel Cruise

Imagine boating along a coastline, stopping every so often to snorkel below the water's surface and admire the beautiful creatures dwelling there. That's exactly what you can do on a snorkel cruise. You'll find this type of cruise at many different ocean-side destinations. While it's easy to have a good time on a snorkeling cruise, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure a safe and amazing time.

Book a private cruise, if possible

There are large group snorkeling cruises, and they can certainly be fun. However, if you want to maximize your fun, you should look for a private cruise. You'll have more opportunities to ask your guide questions. Small groups of people are also easier to organize, so you might get to see more destinations or sights than you would on a bigger group tour.

Wear waterproof sunscreen

When you're below the water, you won't really need to worry about the sun. But most snorkel cruises do have you on a boat, in the sun, for at least an hour or so. Wear sunscreen that is labeled "waterproof" so you don't have to reapply it or risk sunburn after each stop on your cruise.

Push past your comfort zone just a little

A private snorkel cruise is not really the time to challenge yourself extensively or test your physical limits. But you should consider pushing past your comfort zone just a little. For instance, if you start feeling a little nervous after 5 minutes under the water, push yourself to stay for 7 minutes. This way, you will see more amazing things beneath the water, and you'll slowly make yourself more comfortable so you get more enjoyment out of the rest of the tour. If you are feeling particularly nervous, let your guide know. They can give you advice and strategies to help you settle in.

Don't get too focused on the photos

Many snorkel cruises will either give you a waterproof, disposable camera or recommend that you bring one. This is a fun part of the cruise; you can photograph some of the magnificent creatures you see below the water. However, you should try not to get too caught up in the photo-taking. Spend most of your time focusing on the here and now, and you'll make memories that are better than pictures.

Private snorkel cruises are a fun way to experience the water. Book one soon, and follow the tips above.

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