5 Wedding Tasks You Can And Should Delegate To Others

For most couples, wedding planning involves a lot of work and time. And many try to do as much as possible themselves. But you can and should delegate tasks to loved ones. What are some of the things you should hand off to other people as the day draws close? Here are five ways delegated tasks will make your day even better. 

1. Delegate Your Errands

Throughout the wedding planning process, you'll end up doing a lot of errands — things like picking up items, dropping off rentals, getting craft supplies, meeting with vendors, and buying food and beverage accessories. These tasks are easy to give to others because they often call for little decision-making or creative input. And friends or family will enjoy feeling involved. 

2. Arrange for Venue Decorating

On the big day, neither partner should be managing the decoration of the wedding venue but rather focusing on themselves and their fiancé. Involve a few trusted friends in the planning for venue decoration and go over with them in advance what the final version should look like. Get as detailed as you want to help them realize your vision, but hand off this job before the wedding day. 

3. Assign a Vendor Liaison

Another job you can hand off to a trusted friend is to deal with the vendors. This person can coordinate vendor efforts, answer their questions, direct them, and handle final payments for you. If there are questions they really can't answer, they can forward it to you instead of the vendor. 

4. Create a Moving Team

Stuff needs moved around before, during, and after the wedding day. So rally a moving team to help with these manual but necessary tasks. You might have a moving team for the rental items (before and after), one for moving gifts to their final location, and one for moving items to turn the ceremony venue into the reception venue. 

5. Have Greeters for Guests

Finally, see that your guests are well taken care of by assigning greeters to look after them. Greeters could do the job of picking up people from the airport, ensuring they find their hotels, greeting and seating them at the wedding, and checking in on them during the reception to make sure they're having a good time. Then you know that your family is cared for but you don't have to do it yourself. 

Which of these easily-delegated jobs could make your work easier and your wedding less stressful? No matter what you choose to let others do, you'll be able to better enjoy your big day. Want more ideas? Reach out to a company like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre to learn more.

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