Low And No-Cost Attractions You Can Find In Most Cities

One of the best things about visiting cities on your travels is that there is always something to do. You'll be surrounded by restaurants, museums, cafes, shops, and more. However, a lot of the attractions you tend to see in cities are costly. If you're on a tight budget and can't afford to spend a lot, then you'll want to consider working some of these low and no-cost attractions into your itinerary.


Most cities have a large, central park, and it's free to visit. You could stroll around and admire the plants, play catch in a green space, or even watch some of the games of soccer, football, or baseball that local leagues are playing. Learning how these parks were designed and funded is always interesting, too, and most have plaques and signs that share this information.


If you're in a coastal city, head to the beach. It costs nothing to walk in the sand, play in the waves, or just relax in the sunshine for an hour or two. 

Local Libraries

Even if you never visit the library at home, it can be fun to visit the library in a city you're visiting. Most libraries have displays that share information about the city. Some libraries even hand out free tickets for various museums and attractions nearby, so by visiting, you might find a whole other list of things to do on a budget.

Art Galleries

Smaller art galleries generally offer free or affordable admission. They might ask for an optional donation, and paying $5 or so, but it is completely reasonable. Some cities even have open gallery nights when you can walk down the street, visit multiple galleries, and have a little appetizer or drink at each one. This can be a fun way to interact with others on your vacation.


One of the best low-cost attractions in most cities are the market! You don't have to spend a thing; you can just walk around, see what foods people eat in this region, and observe the hustle and bustle. But of course, for just a few dollars, you can try some local food, which is definitely worth it since you have to eat anyways.

If you focus on these low and no-cost attractions when visiting a new city, you'll have a great time without spending a fortune. Planning helps, too. If you know what you're going to see ahead of time, there's less temptation to splurge at the last minute.

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