Two Tips For Vacationers Who Want To Go Whale-Watching

If you've booked a vacation and would like to do some whale watching during this trip, you should read over these tips.

Dress carefully for this activity

You need to dress in a certain way for whale watching. It is particularly important to dress carefully for this activity if you will be doing something else (like visiting a local attraction or eating out) straight after it and you won't, therefore, be able to return to your hotel and change your outfit before your next activity.

The reason for this is as follows; when you go whale watching, you tend to get splashed with a lot of seawater. This is because when the whales swim near the boat and dip over and under the water's surface, their enormous bodies produce waves that can cause seawater to splash onto the boat. As such, because you will need to stand by the railing in order to get a good look at the whales, you will find it hard to avoid getting soaked.

Given this, you should wear a long rain jacket and waterproof shoes over your vacation outfit. If you want your hair to stay dry and look nice for your post whale watching activities, you should also bundle it up under a waterproof hat. Lastly, if you have sensitive eyes and find that the salt in seawater makes them sting, you should also put on some sunglasses.

Bring a camera (and take very good care of it)

Your whale watching experience will probably turn out to be one of the highlights of your vacation and as such, you will want to take lots of photos that will allow you to remember it. Whether you take these photos on a smartphone or a standalone camera, you must protect your device by putting a waterproof cover over it. Doing this will give you the freedom to take photos whilst standing right by the boat's railings (i.e. as close as you can get to the whales), without worrying that being in this position will result in your expensive phone or camera (and all of the precious vacation photos on it) being damaged by the splashing seawater.

Additionally, you must make sure you attach a strap to your camera or phone, that will keep it attached to your wrist even if you accidentally let go of it. The reason for this is as follows; if the whales get reasonably close to the boat, the waves they make might cause the boat to rock quite a bit. Whilst this rocking of the boat will not be dangerous, it might result in you dropping the things you are holding in your hands. If you don't have a strap on your phone or camera, you might drop it into the water. Aside from the fact that losing this valuable item could be upsetting, dropping it into the sea might also result in one of the whales ingesting it, which might make them ill.

If you are planning on whale watching during your next vacation, consider these steps outlined above.

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