Get Yourself Ready For A Late-Night Tour Of Alcatraz

Alcatraz might no longer be open to accepting new prisoners, but "The Rock" welcomes tourists. Anyone wishing to take a tour of the island can sign up for a guided experience. There's a difference between visiting the vacant prison at night and during daylight hours. The night tours take on a spooky aura that adds to the fun. Why not make things more interesting by better preparing for the moonlight tour? Following some different steps for psyching yourself and your companions up for a visit can make the journey more memorable.

Old Time Radio for an Old Prison

Alcatraz was the product of its times. Turn back the clock to those times by listening to audio dramatizations before your tour. The media landscape was completely different during the heyday of the notorious prison. Television was a mere concept when famous inmates found themselves sentenced to the island. Old-time radio theater ruled the airwaves in those days. If you look online hard enough, you'll discover detective and mystery series featuring episodes taking place in a prison setting. Listen to one of these audio plays during the drive to the tour location. Doing so might be an atypical way to get in the mood for a tourist event, but the experience can be fun. And isn't that what a nighttime Alcatraz tour supposed to be about?

Embrace the Spooky Side of Alcatraz

Is Alcatraz haunted? Read some supposedly true tales of mysterious occurrences and ghost sightings and decide for yourself. Tales about Alcatraz being haunted have circulated for years. The location certainly is fertile ground for a haunting since so many former inmates passed way there. Do their restless souls haunt the now darkened and abandoned hallways? Some say they do. Will you see any apparitions? Booking an Alcatraz ghost tour might present your best chance. Even if you go on a "standard" tour, the night may provide an opportunity to run into a wandering spirit. Read a few spooky stories about Alcatraz before visiting. The tales may put you into an alert Halloween-style mindset for the tour.

Study Up On Alcatraz

Learning a little bit about the real-world history of Alcatraz might seem a bit mundane, but the process has value. Discovering the true-life history of Alcatraz through a blog article or an online video could stimulate interest and build enthusiasm for a visit. You may get more from the tour when it's an extension of a learning experience.

When you're ready, contact a company like Amigos Tours to schedule an Alcatraz night tour today.

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