5 Ways To Keep Everyone Happy During A Charter Bus Ride

Traveling via a charter bus from a company like Werner Coach is a great way to plan a fun and economical trip for your big group. But the long hours on the road can also make it a challenge to keep everyone happy. What are some things you can do to help ensure a good ride for both young and old? Try a few of these easy tips.

1. Provide Wifi. Few things offer quiet, consistent entertainment to everyone quite like a good wireless internet source. Kids can play endless videos or games, adults can surf their social  media, and you can confirm group plans and make last-minute reservations. If possible, look for a bus company that offers on-board wifi for all. If that's not possible, arrange to create hot spots among the group.

2. Play Some Games. Group games and shared activities are a good way to get everyone focused on fun rather than feeling the time pass by. Plan a few simple group games that riders of all ages can play. Spread them out over the course of the trip to provide a little pick-me-up during long stretches. But do respect the feelings of anyone who doesn't want to participate. Forced fun won't be fun either. 

3. Plan Good Stops. Stopping for a break does add some time to your journey. But it also breaks up dull stretches of road. Plan regular stops — preferably at locations that are a little more interesting than a toilet and vending machine. Allow for some wandering — such as to a scenic viewpoint or in a few local shops — at some break locations. 

4. Bring Snacks. Snacks and drinks help occupy the little ones, and they provide a little respite during a long haul. While you likely want to encourage members to bring their own snacks, be sure to provide some as well. Vary the snack options throughout the trip so people have something new. You might even spice things up by bringing something unusual or thematic to sample.

5. Don't Overbook the Bus. If you want people to be comfortable, avoid squishing them into a bus that's too small. Rather than fill the bus to its capacity, leave extra room for people to stretch out, take more comfortable naps, lay out their belongings, and move seats when they want. Movement and comfort will help everyone enjoy the ride more.

Can you implement these few ideas for a better travel experience? Even if you can just take a few small steps, you'll surely reap the rewards of happy and eager group riders. 

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