What You Need To Know About Taking A Club Crawl Using A Bar Pass

When you are looking for an exciting night on the town you might have decided on a club crawl. With so many bars and nightclubs to choose from it can make for a hard decision where to go. This is where a hosted club crawl comes in. You book a night out touring bars in whatever city you choose and it is all hosted by a tour guide.

What should you expect when you take a club crawl using a bar pass? Here are some things to expect s you will have a great time.

Buy Your Bar Pass In Advance

You shouldn't wait until the last minute to buy your bar pass for a club crawl. They are popular since most of the clubs they will take you to are trendy and can reach maximum capacity early. Buy them, if possible, a few days in advance and then print them out. You will need this pass with you to get into the bars.

Also, have your ID with you and ready to show the host when you meet with them and for the doorman as well. They won't let you in without ID and your bar pass.

Go Early

It's a good idea to arrive early for the club crawl or at least on time.Typically there will be a reception held for those on the tour that will include games, snacks, and a meet and greet with other attendees and your host.

Dress appropriately for the club crawl. Your host will fill you in when you book your bar pass on the type of clubs they will take you to, and what their dress code is. They usually are upper scale clubs so dress for it.

Be At The Door For Departure Time

Your host will inform you during orientation before the club crawl starts how long you will stay at each bar. You will get the chance to mingle and have fun with other people outside of the tour if you like, or you can stay with the rest of the attendees for the duration.

Keep an eye on the time, and be at the door for the departure time. The tour is usually on a tight schedule and with several clubs on the agenda to attend. This means everyone must be assembled and on their way so they don't miss out on the rest of the evening's fun.

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