The Difference Between Fractional Ownership, Jet Sharing, Charter Jets

When it comes to running an effective business, you often need to be able to fly around the country at a moment's notice. It can be hard to achieve that level of flexibility using public airplanes and going through public airports. When it comes to private airport transportation, you have a few choices. You can purchase fractional ownership of a jet, engage in jet sharing, or charter a jet for your business needs.

Fractional Ownership

With fractional ownership, you purchase a share of a private jet. For example, you could purchase half of a jet or one-sixteenth of a jet. The size of your share dictates how many hours of flying time you get to use the jet for. You share the ownership with other businesses or individuals.

With fractional ownership, you have to give notice a set number of hours before you want to fly the jet. There may be restrictions on peak or busy flying periods, such as around the holidays. You are generally allowed to roll over hours if you don't use all of your flight hours each year, and you can often pay extra if you exceed your portion of ownership.

Jet Sharing

Another way to travel on a private jet is via jet sharing. With jet sharing, someone else has already chartered a flight to leave from a certain airport at a certain time and arrive at another specific destination. If you have the same travel needs, you can essentially purchase an empty seat on their private charter flight.

With jet sharing, the flights you take are limited to what times others have flights scheduled. An advantage of jet sharing is you get to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a private jet for the cost of a seat.

Private Jet Charter

Finally, there are private jet charters. With a private jet charter, you book the use of a private jet from a private airline company. There are lots of different private jet charter companies you can work with. A private jet charter allows you to specify the route and timing of your flight and also allows you to enjoy the privacy and ease of taking a private versus a commercial flight.

When it comes to traveling privately for business, you have a few different options. You can purchase fractional ownership of a jet, you can charter a private jet whenever you need it, or you can hit a ride via jet sharing. All three forms of private ownership and travel could work for your business based on your business needs.

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